Now Accepting Show Host Applications

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Thanks for your interest in the show host opportunity on Station153! We are honored that someone referred you to us!

Below is additional information about the station and the link to apply. If this opportunity is something you’d like to move forward with, please apply as we actively accept show host applications.


God called us to provide the support and create the platform for the Kingdom Driven coach, consultant, pastor, speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, evangelist, author, interviewer, prophet, podcaster, blogger, creative, entertainer, leader, and equipper (yeah, we made that word up!) to use their anointing, their voice, and personality to advance the Kingdom of Heaven.

You are a champion, a warrior, and God is calling you to rise up and expand the Kingdom using your voice online. Your Holy Spirit powered influence is meant to spread like wildfire! Station153 has heeded the call to be the platform that amplifies your voice, your message, and advances the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.


Kingdom Driven Talk Internet Radio running 24/7.


  • Spread agape love through anointed voices on the World Wide Web.
  • Inspire mankind to seek His kingdom and His righteousness.
  • Draw the nations to Jesus to believe in Him and be grafted into the body of Christ.
  • Help other believers, as well as non-believers, experience the incredible overflowing love of Father God.
  • Advance the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.


Kingdom Teaching Marriage Parenting Business
Interview Style Talk Show w/Guests Leadership Life
Blended Families Finance/Money Hobby/Crafts Bible Study
Story Based News/Current Events How To Sales & Marketing
Investing Women Focused Men Focused Fiction
Dating Spiritual Equipping Health & Wellness Health & Fitness
Health & Medical Natural Living Outdoors Product Review
Travel Entertainment/Media Comedy Prophetic
Marketplace Ministry Music/Worship Arts & Poetry Family
Government/Politics Beauty & Fashion Sports History
Home (interior/exterior) Food Supernatural Nutrition
Economics/Commerce Therapeutic Sustainability Technology
Education Advocacy Stewardship Theatrical/Skits
Small Business Working from Home Retirement TV & Film
Society & Culture Social Justice Other (Submit)



Station153 is now accepting Show Host applications and YOU are invited to apply! However, this is not an opportunity for everyone and you will need to count the costs.

Holy Spirit imparted a complete blueprint of how the application process should go. Being a Show Host is an incredible responsibility and we do not take our part in it lightly.


There are a total of five phases to the interview process. As you proceed through the process, you may be asked to submit a show sample, participate in a panel interview (online) or even be asked to participate in a secondary interview.

For now, if you resonate with what we’ve shared and you believe in our Kingdom Driven mission, your next step is to press the button below and make the $25 investment. We encourage you to complete the online application as soon as possible.


Please allow plenty of time to complete the online application with thoughtfulness and integrity (be true to who you are). Remember how we mentioned that God gave us the blueprint for the entire interview process? This is essentially a filtering process. Holy Spirit even gave us the exact questions to ask on the application! Not all who apply will be accepted. 


We desire to get to know you and your heart for God and others. We are excited and honored about the potential to work with you to amplify your voice and expand the Kingdom of Heaven on earth! To get started, press the “Apply Now” button below.


Where are the actual interviews being held?

This is a completely virtual process meaning that it is entirely through the internet. For our panel interviews we use Zoom (

What if I am feeling led to apply and yet do not have a specific show idea?

We encourage you to ask Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom. Ask Him to reveal who your show should be for and what you should talk about or who you should interview. In our experience, He is the best advisor. Even if you aren’t yet super clear on your show, that’s okay. Share with us the passion that God has put within you to reach a specific people group (your niche, target market, who you feel called to serve, etc.).

What if I am not available when my show is scheduled?

We’ve got you covered! Shows are pre-recorded and aired during the scheduled time slot. We can work with any host’s schedule as long as recorded shows are provided within the required time frames.

How are shows recorded? Do I need to live near your studio?

We provide guidance on how to record your show using equipment you already have, using your phone, and provide suggestions on microphones you can purchase as well. Our Show Hosts record their shows wherever they happen to live or be at the time they choose to make a recording.

When is Station153 scheduled to launch with actual shows?

We are on track to launch the second quarter of 2020.

Is this an employment application?

Think of this more like a proposal. Show Hosts are not  employees of Building You Up Publishing nor Irresistible Ventures, Inc. Show Hosts are independent contractors. There is potential to earn income from your show through our revenue sharing program. As you move forward through the interview process, we will share more details.

As a Show Host, do I need to be part of a particular religion or denomination?

You do not need to ascribe to a specific set of beliefs other than what is in the Holy Bible. Show Hosts do need to be a Christian, as in a follower of Christ and believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Part of the interview process is to learn more about your belief system to be sure it is in alignment with what God has called us to do. The basics are believing in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that Jesus was God in the flesh and He died for our sins and rose on the third day, and that the Holy Spirit is at work among us today. In addition, it is essential that our Show Hosts believe that the Bible was inspired by God and without error. We can dig a little deeper into this throughout the interview process.

Is this a paid or free gig?

There is opportunity for both! Show Hosts are independent contractors and pay a nominal monthly fee for their show based on frequency and length of show. We have a revenue sharing program for Show Hosts who refer show and station sponsors which provides for a 50/50 referral income opportunity. One referral may produce positive cashflow for our Show Hosts.

Since the shows are recorded, can I use it for a podcast?

We’ve got you covered there too!! We take all of our shows and convert them to podcasts. We have some other cool distribution strategies up our sleeves too!

Do you have station sponsorship opportunities?

Yes, we do! To inquire about sponsorship options, contact us through email at [email protected]


Show Host applications are being accepted.

Amplify your voice and expand the Kingdom of Heaven on earth! To get started, press the button below.